Hannah Schlosser Chapter President
Kinley Stubbs Vice President of Academic Development
Alexis Young Vice President of Administration
Brooke Foxman Vice President of Chapter Development
Hannah Jones Vice President of Communications
Elizabeth Aldrich Vice President of Education
Hannah McCook Vice President of Finance
Sydney McDaniels Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Montana Carter Vice President of Standards
Caroline Swafford Keeper of the Ritual
Bryce Harvey New Member Educator
Kaylyn Tabor Panhellenic Delegate
Rachel Gleaton Chapter Secretary
Emma Lyons Activities Chairman
Taylor Schrull Alumnae Relations Chairman
Emily Smith Historian
Lauren Mayville Philanthropy Chairman
Lauren Darby Property Manager
Kiarah Ward Social Chairman
Emily Smith To Dragma Reporter
Sara Norbeck Assistant VP of Membership Recruitment
Jill Forehand Chapter Adviser
Jill Forehand AAC Administrative Assistant
Julia DeFusco AAC Administrative Assistant
Kaede-Ray Benton AAC Administrative Assistant
Jill Forehand Academic Development Adviser
Mary Beth Lott Academic Development Adviser
Jill Forehand Administration Adviser
Julia DeFusco Administration Adviser
Jamie Herrmann Chapter Development Adviser
Juliana Hafner Chapter Development Adviser
Kaitlin Jenkins Communications Adviser
Kimberlee Howalt Communications Adviser
Jennifer Howard Education Adviser
Jill Forehand Education Adviser
Kristen Rogers Education Adviser
Jill Forehand Financial Adviser
Kelly Maholchic Financial Adviser
Nathalie Jacson Financial Adviser
Dory Sartoris Recruitment Adviser
Mary Beth Lott Standards Adviser
Savanna Little Ritual Adviser
Andrea Bethel New Member Adviser
Dory Sartoris Panhellenic Adviser
Andrea Bethel Alumnae Relations Adviser
Ashley Green Philanthropy Adviser
Jamie Herrmann Philanthropy Adviser
Kaitlin Jenkins Corporation Relations Adviser
Maggie Waters Social Adviser
Rebecca Gamble Faculty Adviser